2 H.P. Shivraj Mini Dal Mill Machine

Dal Mill Plant

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Shivraj agro industries are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters of Dal Mill Plant in India from Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Baramati, Osmanabad, Akola, Mumbai, Thane, Solapur, Nashik, and Ahmednagar, From Maharashtra.

Dal Mill Plant is used to processing on dal like Masur, lentils, mataki, tur, urad, chana, etc. This process include milling, grinding, grading, polishing, monitoring, cleaning, flour making, and removing stones, dust from dal. To get the pure, healthy and best quality dal, buy our dal mill plant at a market leading price.

Being a customer-centric organization and best dal mill plant manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters we provide very excellent quality lentils and pulses and supply to the different cities in India like Pune, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Baramati, Osmanabad, Akola, Mumbai, Thane, Solapur, Nashik, and Ahmednagar, From Maharashtra.

The Dal Mill Plant offered by us is fully automatic

Technical Specifications of Dal Mill Plant

Material used MS (Mild steel), CI
Grade Fully Automatic
Brand Shivraj Agro
Machine type Milling (Flour Making)
Phase three
Frequency 50Hz
Input Voltage 240 to 380 V

Key specialities of Dal Mill Plant

  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Simple in design with sturdy construction
  • Available at reasonable cost
  • Pollution free operation
  • Dal mill plants production capacity & dal recovery depends upon the quality of grains, operator skills & wheather conditions.


Food processing plant, agricultural industry, commercial

Uses of the machine :

This type of machinery plant is used for the material like lentil (massur), gram (harbhara dal), red gram, toordal, black gram, green gram (moong) etc. for providing various best quality pulses.

Available Capacity :

  • 100 - 150 kg/hr.
  • 300 - 500 kg/hr.
  • 900 - 1,000 kg/hr.
  • 1,500 2,000 kg/hr.
  • 2,500 - 3,000 kg/hr.

We provide customized solutions for any capacity

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