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Double Motor Spices Pulverizer Machine

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Uses of the machine :

  • Turmeric (halad), red chillies (mirchi), coriander (kothimbir / dhaniya) and hot spices (gram masala) are grinded in this machine.
  • This machine is also useful for grinding ayurvedic jadi buti, husk of groundnuts, husk of pulses, maize (maka), poultry feeds, husk of soyabean etc.
  • While grinding spices in this machine, spices don't get hot and there is no decolouration.

Information about the machine :

  • Double motor spices Pulverizer Machine has a cyclone tank and pipe, so the cleaning and fitting is easy.
  • The whole machine is made of M.S. heavy plate. High quality ball bearing (dust proof) is attached to this machine. So, it lasts longer.
  • Average and fineness depends on Particle size, jail & nature of the material.
Machine required H.P. Blower required H.P. Chamber Size (inch) Capacity (kg/hr)
(Roughage Process)( approx.)
7 to 10 2 8” x 14” 300 to 400 kg/hr
15 to 20 3 12” x 16” 500 to 600 kg/hr
25 to 30 5 16” x 20” 700 to 800 kg/hr
40 to 50 10 18” x 24” 900 to 1000 kg/hr
60 to 75 15 24” x 24” 1300 to 1400 kg/hr
75 to 90 15 30” x 24” 1500 to 1600 kg/hr
100 to 125 20 30” x 30” 1700 to 2000 kg/hr

We provide customized solutions for any capacity.

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